Need a Boiler Fitting in Saughall Massie?

Boiler Fitting in Saughall MassieIf you have a worn or outdated boiler, then you are probably looking for a company that conducts boiler fitting in Saughall Massie. Opting for a new boiler fitting is good for safety’s sake as well as for the pocketbook. Out-dated boilers are responsible for inflated heating bills because they usually consume large amounts of energy. Modern boilers are much more efficient at consuming energy, thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology. Apart from being more energy-efficient, modern boilers are also more durable and safe. According to UK’s Energy Saving Trust, boilers take up 60% of the total energy bill. Now imagine how much higher this percentage would be with an old, run down boiler?

In Saughall Massie, a new boiler fitting was been considered by a couple who were experiencing several issues with their current boiler. The couple resided in a 16th century farmhouse that had been converted into a bungalow. They realised that their boiler needed to be replaced because it was breaking down too often and inflating their energy bill. Through a friend’s referral, they contacted Cureton Gas. The company has over two decades of experience and is able to tackle any kind of “boiler” problem.

The couple were looking for an efficient boiler fitting in Saughall Massie, which is what they got when they contacted Cureton Gas, a company known for providing a service that is reliable and top notch.  Cureton Gas guarantees customers a full range of services that entails boiler installation as well as boiler maintenance. A Gas Safe Registered technician from the company will visit the location to assess the situation. He might deem that the boiler is out-dated and will need to be replaced.  A new boiler can be installed in a short period of time. There is  a new feature on the boiler called a Thermostatic Radiator Valve or TRV. This feature allows for better heat control and minimises loss of heat by shutting off the radiator when the atmosphere has reached a preset temperature. If you are looking for an efficient boiler fitting in Saughall Massie, please contact Cureton Gas today.