Get Your Cookers Serviced in Bebington

Cookers  Serviced in Bebington Cureton Gas issues gas certificates for cookers serviced in Bebington. Recently they serviced cookers in Wirral Boys’ Grammar and issued gas certificates for their maintenance safety records. As you can imagine, keeping people safe in a commercial environment is, or should be, a top priority, especially when children are present. However, your own home is just as important. If you own your home, call Cureton Gas to check your gas appliances, service them if needed to keep them working safely and receive your safety certificate.  When planning to lease a home or apartment, ask the owner for a look at the latest gas certificate for the building. You may request a gas certificate, issued by a Gas Certified engineer, before agreeing to buy a home.

In Bebington, getting cookers serviced by a Cureton Gas engineer means they will have checked the condition of pipework, vents, flues and the appliance itself. If they see damage or deterioration, repairs will be made so the appliance works safely and performs efficiently.  You may notice some signs that your appliance is not working properly. For instance, check the pilot light. If it keeps going out, or the flame is not blue and strong, your appliance may not be working efficiently, and could even be a safety hazard. Gas appliances should be checked yearly, but do not wait to call if you notice anything unusual. On completion of your safety inspection and appliance maintenance, Cureton Gas will issue a safety certificate to you.

Naturally, you want your cookers serviced in Bebington by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. All Cureton Gas engineers are registered. They are also an accredited installer of Worcester Bosch. The company has built an excellent reputation during their 21 years in business. The gas safety record they issue to you after an inspection will assure you your appliance meets safety standards and it will state a recommended recheck date. For reference and credibility, the engineer from Cureton Gas and their registration number will be on the document. To keep your home or work environment safe, Cureton Gas engineers will answer your questions about safe operation of appliances and suggest on added safety precautions, so contact Cureton Gas today.