Condensing Boiler Replacement in Liverpool

Condensing Boiler Replacement in LiverpoolConsider a condensing boiler replacement in Liverpool if you need to exchange your boiler for one that is more efficient.  If your boiler is old and not producing heat as it should, it might be time to have it replaced. All boilers installed since the Building Regulations changed in April 2005 have to be condensing boilers. One of the perks to having such a boiler installed is that it will save money on heating bills and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.  A condensing boiler is also regarded as one of the most efficient means of heating your home. They are also ideal for homes with more than 1 bathroom as they are large and strong enough to consistently heat the water without interruption.

In Liverpool, a condensing boiler replacement need not be cause for concern when you think of the costs involved. At Cureton Gas Services the highly competent and qualified installers will make short work of removing the old boiler and installing a new model. You can rest assured that with their many years of experience they know exactly what is required of the installation and will ensure that your condensing boiler is correctly fitted. The installers at Cureton Gas are all Gas Safe Registered, which means they will professionally and safely do the installation while observing strict gas safety guidelines.

A condensing boiler replacement in Liverpool is affordable and if you consider the long-term savings, it really is an affordable option. Cureton Gas Services are registered with the necessary overseeing bodies within their trade and they guarantee their workmanship.  With many satisfied clients and a reputation they are proud of, you can be sure of an excellent service. So why not give them a call to enquire about this necessary replacement and you will be amazed at just how affordable it is. For more information about a condensing boiler replacement, contact Cureton Gas Services.