Boiler Swap in Bebington

boiler swap in BebingtonIf you are planning a boiler swap in Bebington, trust Cureton Gas to give you the best products, professional installation and best customer service. All their company engineers are  Gas Safe registered with a strong work ethic. They bring seventeen years of experience to your project. Worcester Bosch has awarded Cureton Gas the Platinum Accreditation for installation of their high-efficiency products. When you are ready for a boiler swap, do not settle for less than a high efficiency condensing boiler. Based on your family’s needs, their technicians will recommend a Combi, Regular or System boiler. They will give you a fair quote on your replacement that will include removal of the old boiler

In Bebington, boiler swap will save you money if your existing boiler is between 16 and 20 years old. Cureton Gas does boiler repairs to extend the life of your existing boiler. However, if a repair does not extend boiler life for two years or if multiple repair call outs have occurred in the last year, a replacement will be more economical. You may notice your heating bills are inching up higher and higher. It is likely your old boiler is using more fuel to maintain a comfortable temperature. You could see your fuel bills decrease 30% with a new energy efficient boiler. It is better to swap out that old boiler before it quits working, creating an emergency in cold winter weather.

A boiler swap in Bebington is a major home improvement that adds value to your home and comfort for your family. Like all major improvements, the work can be disruptive to family schedules. Cureton Gas technicians will respect your time and endeavour to make the installation as quick and hassle free as possible. They will be there at the agreed on time. For more savings, share in their Diamond Service maintenance and repair plan. You will have peace of mind knowing that your boiler receives regular maintenance, which will prevent the need for most repairs. In the event of a needed repair, you will receive priority service. Your Diamond Service Maintenance Agreement is transferable to new owners if you sell your house. For more details about a boiler swap, contact Cureton Gas.