Gas Boiler Maintenance in Ellesmere Port

Gas Boiler Maintenance in Ellesmere PortHave you wondered how often you require gas boiler maintenance in Ellesmere Port? Boilers are an important part of the home. They power both the hot water and central heating. It is always best to prevent issues with your gas boiler so that your daily routine is not disturbed, particularly during the winter. The best part about owning a boiler is that you do not have to be an engineer to maintain your gas boiler. It simply requires regular servicing by a licensed and trained professional. Regular servicing is the best way to ensure that your boiler will work when it is required. Similar to a car, servicing your boiler on a regular basis ensures that it will work all year round and that you maintain its life expectancy. If you avoid servicing, you may experience gas leaks which can be extremely dangerous. According to British Gas, annual servicing of your gas boiler is highly recommended. It is best to have this done before the winter season sets in. It is during your servicing that the engineer will pinpoint potential problems that may occur in the future. This will help you address them before something serious occurs. Where can you find a company that provides such services?

In Ellesmere Port, gas boiler maintenance is available from Cureton Gas. They are a family owned and operated business that has been servicing the Wirral district since 1994. At Cureton Gas, they specialise in several gas boiler related services such as boiler installation, maintenance, central heating repair, installation and replacement and gas boiler servicing.

Why choose gas boiler maintenance in Ellesmere Port from Cureton Gas? Firstly, they are Gas Safe Registered and Worcester Bosch accredited. Secondly, they offer free quotations before carrying out any work. If you have any doubts about your gas boiler, you can ask them to have a look without incurring any charges. Lastly, they also offer a Diamond Service cover plan. If you require more information about gas boiler maintenance, contact Cureton Gas.