Worcester Boiler Range in Birkenhead

Cureton Gas installs and services the full Worcester boiler range in Birkenhead. Cureton Gas has been an industry leader for many years with an excellent reputation for quality products and customer service. There is a range of sizes to choose from when shopping for a new boiler installation. The square footage of your home and size of your family are factors for choosing the right one. We will explain the differing features to you as part of our free consultation service. You don’t want to pay for more than you need but you don’t want less than is comfortable either. Some prefer combination units for heat and hot water but others prefer a hot water cylinder. It is easy enough to find your perfect fit.

Cureton Gas has a wide range of Worcester boilers to choose from. In Birkenhead, Worcester boiler range includes the Combi, System and Regular. All are energy efficient and some work with solar panels. Most system and regular boilers are compatible with the Worcester hot water cylinder. The most popular boiler in the range is the Combi because it combines heating and hot water in one compact unit. A unit for a small to medium home takes up the space of a kitchen cabinet. Sizes for larger homes take slightly more space. We will be able to tell you the best one to directly replace your current boiler. We think you will be thrilled with the simplicity of controlled operation to suit your requirements. You will like having hot water on demand instantly. No more waiting for the tank to refill and heat up.

What the whole Worcester boiler range in Birkenhead offers is lower energy bills. You can contact Cureton Gas to find out how the Worcester boiler range can help save up to 30% of your energy bills. The pump uses less energy to operate so your electric bills are lower. Cureton Gas is proud to be a Worcester Bosch accredited installer. All of our installers are Gas Safe registered with years of experience. We are also proud members of the business approval register of Wirral Traders. Cureton Gas wants to earn your confidence in our ability to fulfill a comprehensive list of gas boiler installation and repair services.