Worcester Wave Boiler in Heswall

Get the Worcester Wave boiler in Heswall when you want a smart, efficient control for heating and hot water.  At Cureton Gas, we provide the latest products along with the added advantage of our reliable, reputed installation and maintenance services. The Worcester Wave boilers are extremely popular today because of their convenience, efficiency and fuel-effectiveness. Its ultra modern design is intuitive and intelligent, making it very simple to operate. You can use it via the in-built touch-screen or the app that’s available for the purpose. You can connect up via your smart-phone, tablet or computer and manage the controls. As an added advantage, you can also check how much energy is being used and tailor your requirements accordingly.

The Wave is supplied with a pre-set program, but it can easily be customised to suit your needs. In Heswall, Worcester Wave boilers are available with advanced technical features like motion-sensitive controls, lock-unlock features, proximity sensors etc. These features make it one of the most technically sophisticated products in the market today. For instance, the Wave features a “holiday program” that simply requires you to put a start and finish date. This allows you to go off on your vacation peacefully and enjoy the heated home and hot water as soon as you get back home. The company also provides customers with a very useful manual app that features instructions and explanations about each control. The app also contains lots of useful links to helpful videos that give you information on the various features and functions of the Wave.

Could you imagine having a “conversation” with your boiler five years ago?! Well, the Worcester Wave boiler in Heswall and wherever else it’s installed allows you to do just that. This communication with the boiler increases fuel efficiency. Features like load and weather compensation allow the Wave to adapt its operations accordingly so you get maximum efficiency. All this while continuing to maintain your optimum level of comfort and reducing your energy bills too! For more information about Worcester Wave boilers, contact Cureton Gas. Program your hot water settings and get charts of usage to cut your energy wastage.