Boiler Fitted in Bromborough

Boiler Fitted in BromboroughHaving a new boiler fitted in Bromborough is necessary if your heating unit is old or has become inoperable. We will have a new unit installed as soon as possible so that you do not have cold water or a cold house. Our boilers all carry a manufacturer’s guarantee and we only supply the best quality units so that we can be sure that you unit will give you a long and reliable service.  You should have your boiler serviced one a year to ensure that it is working correctly. Your heating system may need a power flush once in a while to rid the pipes of scale and other build up which will make it inefficient.

Your heating system is not something that one ever really thinks about until it stops working. In Bromborough, you may need a boiler fitted if yours has broken down.  Sometimes we can fix the unit but in many instances it is not worth the cost to fix an old and inefficient boiler. It is better to replace it with a new model that is going to save you on your gas bill. Some of the new boilers are extremely smart and can be turned on and off with your smart phone. These enable you to save on gas by only utilising the boiler when you need it. When no-one is in the house it can be turned off and you can turn it on before you get home to ensure your home is snug and warm when you walk in the door.

As specialists, having a boiler fitted in Bromborough by us will be quick and easy. Contact Cureton Gas today and see where 23 years of hard won knowledge and experience has led us. All of our gas engineers are fully qualified and hold all the necessary certification to ensure they do an exemplary job on your home. Our excellent customer service has led to many of our new customers being referrals from friends and family. We are now known to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy boiler specialists in the area. We offer maintenance and repairs to all makes and models of gas heating systems including central heating.