Find Effective and Efficient Boiler Repair in Wallasey

Boiler repair in WallaseyFor boiler repair in Wallasey, Cureton Gas is who you want to call. We’ve been in business over twenty years installing and repairing boilers. Most boilers go along without much fuss for the first several years. They’ll go along without interruption even longer if we make a maintenance call every year. At that time, any parts that are looking worn can be replaced before they cause a breakdown. We can check the thermostat is working accurately so your boiler heats to temperature. We would also check the water pressure, valves, burners and vent. We like to do a general cleaning. We know boilers inside out and backwards because that’s our business. We install them, uninstall and remove them, replace worn parts and make repairs.

Still, breakdowns happen and homeowners need a repair service as fast as possible. You know, in Wallasey, boiler repair service happens at the most inconvenient of times. You feel the need for heat so you turn it on and nothing happens. It didn’t matter until you needed it and now it’s an emergency. Don’t worry; we’ll be there. Our shop is well equipped with the most frequently needed parts so there is no long waits. When you notice something is off like unusual noises when the heat comes on or maybe it takes a long time to reach temperature, call for our repair service right away. Those and other symptoms are indicators of bigger problems to come. We want to get the boiler fixed to avoid bigger problems or greater inconvenience.

For boiler repair in Wallasey, our family run company is well respected for the quality of workmanship and individual customer service. We are the leaders in boiler installation and repair throughout the Wirral area. Maintaining our integrity for quality products, skilled workmanship and fair pricing is very important to us, just as it is to our customers. Contact Cureton Gas when you need boiler repair and you’ll receive a quick response and exacting repair. If you would like your boiler inspected before cold weather sets in, let us know and we’ll put you on our schedule.