Boiler Maintenance in Ellesmere Port, Affordable, Reliable and Expert

Boiler maintenance in Ellesmere PortFor boiler maintenance in Ellesmere Port count on the experts at Cureton Gas. Our Gas Safe engineers are the best. They bring  years of experience with the installation, maintenance and repair of all brands of boilers. We’re available for emergency call outs too, since boilers seem to break down at unexpected times. We know we can greatly reduce those unexpected breakdowns with a regular maintenance schedule. You can subscribe to our maintenance and repair scheme so you are always prepared against unexpected costs. Like any appliance, boilers have moving parts that need occasional lubricants and replacement of worn parts. When maintenance is up to date, your boiler will perform optimally and reliably.

For as little as £17.50 per month you can participate in our boiler maintenance scheme. In Ellesmere Port, boiler maintenance participants like you will receive an annual full comprehensive maintenance service for your boiler. In addition, you are protected with our full breakdown service which covers parts and labour. As a participant in our maintenance program, your phone call will take priority over non-participants. By paying monthly you will be more likely to call for maintenance each year. If you suspect the boiler is not working at maximum efficiency, you will request the repairs right away instead of putting it off. Why not? You’ve already paid for the service. If the worst happens and your boiler breaks down in the dead of winter you don’t have to worry about an unexpected expense because you’ve already paid for it.

Boiler maintenance in Ellesmere Port is available to all with just a phone call. You will receive a quick response and excellent customer service whether you are part of our maintenance plan or not. If you prefer to handle the maintenance and repairs as they arise, that’s fine. Some people are very good at budgeting money for emergencies and consistently schedule yearly boiler maintenance. For others of us, winter takes us by surprise every single year; year after year. For those customers, we highly recommend our maintenance plan. Contact Cureton Gas if you are in need of boiler maintenance or if you would like more information about our maintenance contract. When the time comes for a new, energy efficient boiler installation, count on our engineers for the very best value for money.