Boiler Service in Wallasey – Essential to Keep Your Boiler in Excellent Condition

Boiler Service in Wallasey A regular boiler service in Wallasey is important to do at least once a year, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A regular servicing of your boiler will keep it in good working condition for longer.  It is also imperative to check and make sure there are no gas leaks as this can be deadly.  The boiler should also be checked to ensure there is no chance of it overheating and exploding.  As is the case with all machinery, if you do not look after it and ensure it receives the recommended regular servicing, it may not work as it should. On top of that, without regular servicing, it may be dangerous. Ignoring the boiler’s service could mean that you will have to replace it sooner rather than later.

If there is a problem with minimal or no hot water and heating in Wallasey, a boiler service can help identify and rectify the problem. Our experienced technicians will ensure that it is working as it should. If there are any problems, these can be repaired during the service. We have provided our expert services to our clients since 1994, and continue to do so with pride. We’ve built up an enviable reputation for excellent customer service. As such, many of our customers are from referrals from satisfied clients. Our family run business provides an excellent, bespoke service. We firmly believe in quality, reliability, efficiency and above all integrity. This in turn has led to our becoming the leading specialist heating installer and repair company in the Wirral area.

A regular boiler service in Wallasey, completed by an expert team is important. All our technicians are Gas Safe registered and this means you can rely on our standard and safety of workmanship. You can also rely on our value for money process. If you need a professional boiler service, contact Cureton Gas today. Regular servicing and maintenance of your boiler will ensure that it works as it should, when you need it.