Never Without Hot Water with a Boiler Replacement in Prenton

Boiler Replacement in PrentonBoiler replacement in Prenton will give you an improvement in efficiency of up to 20 % which equals a fuel saving of more than 25%. With Cureton Gas Services you can expect improved safety as well as reliability and substantial fuel cost savings. The family run company started in 1994 and their name has become synonymous with high quality professional boiler repair and replacement services in the Wirral area. Small and large projects all receive the same dedication to service and they offer superior workmanship, sizing up your home’s heating requirements before recommending a new boiler. With the experienced Cureton team, you have access to a broad range of specialist services to the domestic market including gas boiler repairs, installation and servicing as well as central heating repair, replacement and installation.

When it comes to Prenton boiler replacement, you can trust the Cureton team to be the best. They are members of the Wirral Trading Standard Fair Trade Scheme and Gas SAFE registered  and this means customers will be at the receiving end of trustworthy, reliable, professional services. Their services are customised, and as a one-stop-shop, you can trust them with all your gas, heating and boiler repairs.

With boiler replacement in Prenton, you don’t want to have your boiler installed or repaired and then be left to cope on your own. With Cureton Gas Services you are never stuck without hot water or heating. As central heating installation experts and boiler repair and installation specialists, their service maintenance plan ensures that your heating systems are always in top performing order. With this reliable and experienced team, as accredited boiler repair and central heating services experts, you save money all the way and your heating is continuously on the go. If you require a boiler replacement and would like advice on the way forward, contact Cureton Gas Services today.