Boiler Fitted in West Kirby

A new boiler fitted in West Kirby by an experienced gas safe registered company is affordable and safe. We have a reputation to maintain and therefore place emphasis on professionalism and safety in every job. We will visit your home and offer a free quotation for a replacement unit or a maintenance service. When you boiler breaks down we can very quickly have a replacement unit installed so that you do not have cold water or a cold house. Our boilers are economical and durable and when fitted correctly will provide many years of service to your home. We also install and maintain central heating appliances.

When your heating appliance stops working in West Kirby, a boiler can be fitted quickly. As boilers age they become less efficient at transmitting the heat to the water and you use more gas than necessary. When you have a new boiler installed you will find that your gas bill will decrease as modern boilers are particularly energy efficient. We have a high standard of workmanship and our team will size the boiler to your unique requirements. Some of the new boilers can be remotely controlled through a smart phone allowing you to turn on the unit only when needed. They can also be set to switch on at certain times when you will be wanting hot water.

A new boiler fitted in West Kirby by our qualified gas engineers is guaranteed. If you need a new boiler fitted, contact Cureton Gas today. We will arrange to service and maintain your boiler to ensure a long and productive life. If your boiler is over 10 years old you should be thinking of a replacement in the next few years. A boiler normally only lasts for 10 to 15 years and thereafter becomes inefficient or breaks down completely. We have over 22 years of experience in maintaining and replacing boilers. We supply only the best boilers which are expertly fitted by our Gas Safe registered gas engineers. This ensures your boiler is not only a good product but a safely installed one too.