Condensing Boilers in Heswall

Do you know why condensing boilers in Heswall are the best option for your home? Condensing boilers are superb at conserving energy and heating up the home than most other boilers. This type of boiler burns gas which produces water vapour. This vapour condenses back into liquid, releasing heat and boosting efficiency rating by up to 98%. The heat present in the water gives condensing boilers one of the best AFUE ratings. So if you’re shopping for a boiler, a condensing boiler is your best bet. Some additional characteristics you should look for include a heat exchanger constructed from stainless steel, body constructed from one-side sealed construction to provide stability during expansion and contraction that occur with temperature changes and an integrated boiler-pump that increases efficiency and simplifies installation.

If you are thinking about replacing your current boiler in Heswall, condensing boilers are the best way to go. At Cureton Gas, we’ve been installing and maintaining boilers since 1994. We’re one of the most reputable gas boiler installation companies in Wirral. Customers often ask us which type of boiler is the best to install. Our team has a preference for condensing gas boilers. This is because climate control is the largest monthly expense. Having a condensing boiler can cut your costs significantly. Customers count on us to install, service and repair their gas boilers and even central heating appliances. We provide a flexible, fast and dependable service you can count on! Our goal is to help you save money while adhering to gas safety protocols. This is our service promise to you.

If you’re considering replacing your boiler, opt for condensing boilers in Heswall. Give us a call at Cureton Gas to learn how these boilers are both economical and durable. We will be happy to come out and look at your existing boiler and offer you a quotation; both at no extra charge. Rest assured all our technicians are Gas Safe Registered, so you know we’re getting the job done right!