Gas Boiler Maintenance in Hoylake

Gas Boiler Maintenance in HoylakeGas boiler maintenance in Hoylake is the secret to long life and trouble free efficiency for your boiler, just like everything else in life. It’s true for our cars, homes and even our bodies. So why are we so neglectful toward maintenance when we have so much to gain for so little time and money? Well, most of us have a lot of things to think about so we don’t bother ourselves with things that aren’t bothering us. It takes a crisis to get our attention and once the crisis is resolved, our mind is on to the next crisis. That’s just how we’re wired.  So, to counter that mentality, doctors won’t give us meds unless we come in for a check-up; auto manufacturers won’t honour our car warranty unless we follow a maintenance schedule and we at Cureton Gas offer an awesome maintenance contract for your gas boiler.

Our maintenance contract means we’ll call you to schedule an appointment to have your boiler checked. In Hoylake, gas boiler maintenance is carried out by our skilled Gas Safe registered technicians. With regular service you’ll know any debris is cleaned away, worn parts are replaced, thermostat function is working accurately, there are no hazardous vent blockages, leaks or cracks and the gas line is safe. When winter arrives your boiler will be working efficiently and safely so you are unlikely to experience a crisis during sub-zero temperatures resulting in a costly repair bill. You will be saving energy, therefore money, if the boiler always works efficiently.

Gas boiler maintenance in Hoylake is one part of what we do at Cureton Gas. We’ve been in business 40 years and during that time we’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience working with gas boilers. We have also been diligent to reinforce our credibility and stellar customer service. That’s why we’re members of the business approval register. Contact Cureton Gas for all your gas boiler installation, maintenance and repair. We install excellent Bosch products and help you find the right product for the size of your home and family. We offer easy financing on new boilers but with careful and regular maintenance, there will be more years between installations.