Affordable and Professional Central Heating Installation in Birkenhead

Cureton Gas can supply your new central heating installation in Birkenhead and you could save up to 30% on your energy. If you use our boiler finance programme, you won’t even need to pay any money down on your boiler installation. You’ll simply make one affordable payment each month. So, if you’ve been putting off replacing your old, inefficient boiler, we want you to know; there is no reason to do that. The old one is costing you in wasted energy, repairs and possibly uneven heating. We know it’s a major purchase but we’ve made the process as easy on your budget as possible. Since we can usually complete an installation within one day, we make it easy on your time and convenient for your family as well.

We proudly provide quality products to our customers and we’ve been doing that since 1994. In Birkenhead, central heating installation and repair of Bosch Warner products is our speciality. We are proud to be the leading heating installation and repair company in the area. We want each customer to be completely satisfied with our work and our products. Our work and our products are fully guaranteed up to 10 years and we install only A rated boilers. We abide by all gas safety guidelines and our engineers are Gas Safe registered. You can depend on us for a safe installation. We also offer maintenance contracts to keep your new boiler operating at peak performance.

You may wonder if a new central heating installation in Birkenhead is a smart investment at this time. The dependability of your boiler will tell the story along with your energy bill. If your boiler is over ten years old and repairs are becoming more frequent then there’s no question that now is the time. Your energy bills are likely quite high and that’s just wasting money. Contact Cureton Gas today: we have so many sizes and styles of boilers. Most are space savers, all are energy savers and dependable. We can help you choose the right boiler for your size home and your budget. Why wait until your current boiler fails and presents you with a crisis when you can start saving money and be worry free today.