Boiler Installation In Liverpool

Boiler Installation In LiverpoolWe recently completed a boiler installation in Liverpool at Slater Gordon’s Solicitors. Once again it has been a case of our high quality boilers being selected to replace an old system that is not only out of date, but most definitely far less efficient. In this day and age, efficiency is an optimal prerequisite in any organisation or household. We at Cureton Gas Services are well aware of this and are confident in always being able to ensure that customers can rely our expertise and professionalism when advising them on new and improved systems.

When we were contacted by Slater Gordon’s Solicitors to come in and improve their boiler system, we were confident to recommend replacing their 2 old Bali boilers with a new high efficiency Worcester boiler cdi, which is one of the larger boilers available. In Liverpool, a boiler installation like this is just one of the many services that we offer. Our customers can choose from a wide range of services, which include an extensive servicing of gas boilers, installations and ongoing maintenance of central heating and gas systems. Whether its minor or major repairs or brand new installations, we are able to offer comprehensive services.

Gas systems can be hazardous when not professionally and expertly installed and maintained. Cureton Gas Services is delighted to have provided impeccable service for over 17 years throuoght many areas, including Wirral, Chester, Wrexham and northern Wales. And of course this latest boiler installation in Liverpool. The solicitors firm are just of countless satisfied and assured customers. Our firm is registered, reputed and highly sought after. So if you’re looking for value for money from a reputable and fast and dependable company, then look no further. We are the gas boiler company for you. Call now for a free quotation: 0151 630 2000. Find out more on our website.