Worcester Boiler Installation In Moreton

Last week we were hired to complete a Worcester boiler installation in Moreton. This couple had decided that their old boiler was not being as fuel efficient as they needed it to be. So they came to us to see if a new gas boiler would help them save on their monthly heating expenses. As environmentalists, they could not stand the fact that they were adding more burnt energy into the atmosphere than there needed to be and hoped this would be a win-win solution. We sat down with them and they decided on the Worcester 38 cdi boiler and it was installed in their Moreton home last week.

The reason that they had decided to have this new boiler installed is because we were not only able to show them exactly what they could save each month in their heating bills, but we were also able to do the job in a cost effective way. Cureton Gas Services is good like that — we look after your wallet. With these two facts alone they confirmed their suspicions that their old broiler was out of date and not energy efficient and a new one was needed. So we got them on the schedule so they could get their boiler installed in Moreton. The Worcester boiler installation went perfectly.

Our team of expert installers arrived that morning and was able to have this installation completed within a few hours so we did not disrupt our customer’s entire day. So if you think that your current boiler is using way too much energy, come in and see us. We will do a comparison for you so you can see exactly how much you can save each month in heating costs. Having a Worcester boiler installation in Moreton by Cureton Gas is not only good for your budget but it is also good for the environment.