Why Get a New Boiler in Waterloo?

Cureton Gas can help you decide whether you need a new boiler in Waterloo because in the 20 years since our family-run business was established we have been advising customers about boilers, carrying out repairs, and installing new boilers. We have built a reputation for the quality of our service and workmanship, our reliability and our integrity.

In Waterloo, a new boiler is an important decision, as it is elsewhere. We are often asked not only, “Do I need a new boiler” but also, “What boiler should I get?” The reasons why a customer may need or want to buy a new boiler vary. It might be that the existing boiler is faulty or the customer may want to make energy savings or simply improve their home or increase its marketability. Some customers shy away from the outlay involved. However, one should keep in mind that, according to the Energy Saving Trust, one can reduce energy bills by anything up to £300 per annum depending on your requirements in terms of heating and hot water, just by replacing an inefficient or old boiler. Modern condensing boilers are more efficient because no heat escapes during the process. If you already have mains gas then a gas boiler is the obvious, and usually most cost effective, choice for you. In fact, unless there is no gas pipe in your area we often suggest paying for a new gas connection. In many towns the company that operates the local gas network may subsidise the cost of a new connection or even fund it fully. It is certainly worth investigating.

So, if you require a new boiler in Waterloo or think you might, contact us at Cureton Gas. We are highly experienced, don’t charge a call-out fee, are cost effective and Gas Safe Registered. Call us today to provide you with a free quotation!