Boiler Repair Service In New Brighton

We here at Cureton Gas received a frantic phone call from a resident wanting to know if we provide a boiler repair service in New Brighton. We were having quite a cold snap at the time so I could certainly understand her need for quick service. Who would not feel disturbed to have an already hectic day brought to a sudden halt due to a boiler break down and the prospects of extended time in a home with no heat? It is at times such as this that you need to know who to call for expert repairs and excellent customer service backed by years of experience.

I was quick to assure her that in New Brighton, for a boiler repair service, she had come to the right place. Cureton Gas has been around since 1994 and we have built a reputation for excellence in boiler repairs and new installations. We take our customers concerns very seriously so a technician was dispatched to her home and was able to quickly determine the cause of the boiler failure. The repair was a complicated one but all in a day’s work for the experts at Cureton Gas. When the repair was complete and our happy customer was basking in the warmth of her home once again she expressed the concern that it might happen again.

At Cureton Gas, a boiler repair service in New Brighton does not have to stop with an emergency repair. We are a full service company. We explained to our customer that to prevent another inconvenient, uncomfortable and possibly dangerous boiler breakdown she might want to consider a regular maintenance schedule. When boilers are regularly checked and maintained they are less likely to develop serious repair needs. Call us today.