Benefits of Worcester Boiler Installation in Upton

After converting an old pub into a nursery, the owner was contemplating whether he should proceed with a Worcester boiler installation in Upton. His nursery was quite spacious and therefore he required two large Worcester boilers. The nursery owner wasn’t sure if he should opt for another brand in boilers. Having recently undergone a large renovation project, the nursery owner was reluctant about investing a lot of money on boilers.

As a result, he sent his enquiry to Cureton Gas asking them about whether he would benefit from an Upton Worcester boiler installation. A qualified staff member from Cureton Gas informed the nursery owner that although there are many brands of boilers on the market, Worcester gas boilers are amongst the best in the industry. They can reduce his heating bills by up to 30%. Since these specialised boilers are 90% efficient, (they convert 90% of the fuel into heat), Worcester boilers are given an A rating in the industry. On the other hand, G-rated non-condensing boilers are far less efficient at 60%. If one considers actual figures, Worcester boilers can give the nursery owner a £300 reduction per annum on his heating bill, especially if his current boiler is a G-rated, non-condensing model. In addition, Worcester boilers have achieved a 90 to 91.3% Sedbuk Rating. Unlike other ordinary boilers, Worcester boilers come equipped with a 5-year guarantee compared to the standard two years. There is also a ten-year guarantee on a primary heat-exchanger. The type of Worcester boiler one would purchase would depend on the size of the area, the number of the rooms, and even the fuel preference (gas or oil).

If you currently have an old, G-rated non condensing boiler, you can benefit from a Worcester boiler installation in Upton. Cureton Gas has been installing and replacing old boilers since 1994. They also specialize in boiler breakdown servicing, power flushing, central heating installation and service maintenance. For more information about their Worcester boiler installation or any other services, please contact them directly at 0151 630 2000.