Boiler Swap in Spital

Boiler Swap in SpitalI am going to have to do a boiler swap in Spital. Our old heating system is just not keeping up with the cold very well anymore. It has served us well for the last twenty years so I guess we cannot complain. I have been doing some research to try to decide whom I should call about replacing the boiler. Over the years, I have had several different service guys out to fix our boiler, but I do not think I would trust any of them to install a new one. The new heating system has to last another twenty years so I want a good one and I want it installed right.

Since I have been researching companies in Spital to do a boiler swap for me, I have received advice from friends and coworkers. One name keeps coming up and that is Cureton Gas. Of course, I have heard of them. You cannot live here and not hear of them. I see their trucks and advertising all the time. One of the people I work with had a Worcester 28i fitted in her house last year. She says her heating bills are lower and the house is warmer. My house is about the size of hers, two bedroom and one bath, so I added that information to my notes. When I researched the Worcester 28i I found out that at 90.1%, it has the highest official efficiency rating possible. It looks to me like I could save a lot of money with a boiler like that.

I checked out the Wirral Trading Website to find companies that could do a boiler swap in Spital. I was not surprised to find that Cureton Gas has a five star rating at every level. They are an accredited installer for Worcester. It looks like I have found my ideal when it comes to swapping out my old boiler for a new one. Everything I have learned indicates Cureton Gas is the highest rated company with the best products and glowing customer reviews. I am glad that issue is finally resolved. When the time comes to swap boilers, I know exactly whom I will be calling and exactly why. It will be Cureton Gas.