Boiler Swaps in Wallasey

Boiler Swaps in WallaseyCall Cureton Gas for Boiler Swaps in WallaseyTheir blue service vans are a common sight in the area so you know who they are. Consider some reasons why their company employees are out about and busy while other boiler repair and replacement companies may be struggling to stay in business, namely: Professionalism, Skilled installers, Customer Service, Top brand products and Excellent reputation. As you research companies to do a Wallasey boiler swap, you will find that Cureton Gas meets the criteria for a job well done. Staying power, represented by their seventeen years of friendly service, is a good guideline to follow when choosing a company to install your new boiler. Cureton Gas is a past recipient of the Wirral Trader of the Year award for community support.

Wallasey boiler swaps are an important investment in your property. You are going to be living with that new boiler for a long time. Cureton Gas offers professional consultation regarding the most efficient and reliable heating system for your particular needs. Their installers are gas safety certified and experienced. The Worcester Bosch Group has recognized Cureton Gas as a certified installer for their fine products. Check the Trading Standards website and you will find Cureton Gas has a five star rating across the board. Read the customer reviews to discover how a perfect rating is earned. The reviews are from real customers, so you can trust them.

When you think about a boiler swap in Wallasey, safety is a big consideration. When Cureton Gas is installing your new energy efficient boiler, they are going to check your system for safety. They will check your vent connection and chimney for debris and clear it. Any blockage could cause a backup of deadly carbon monoxide into your home. Leaks and damage in ducts will cause inefficiency resulting in heat loss and wasted money. Cureton Gas engineers will make repairs to assure the safety and efficiency of your new boiler.  Cureton Gas is a proven leader in their field. Do the research and you will agree.