Worcester Wave Boiler Fit in Wallasey

Cureton Gas will help you save energy with a Worcester Wave boiler fit in Wallasey. This company has been serving the area for over twenty years with admirable customer service and the best quality products. The family owned business provides customised boiler installations to fit the needs of their customers. They are full service so you can count on them for maintenance and repairs as well. Now they are offering another way for customers to customize their home heating and hot water with the Worcester Wave.

Cureton Gas in Wallasey will do the Worcester Wave boiler fit for you. A simple wireless internet device attaches to your boiler. Once you download the app to your smart phone, you can control the heat and hot water temperatures in your home from anywhere in the world. Cureton Gas representatives will instruct you in the use of your Worcester Wave when they install it on your compatible boiler. The device uses your current internet connection but does not incur any data charges. It can even check the weather forecast for you and adjust your heat accordingly. Go here to see for yourself how it works.

Look no further for your Worcester Wave boiler fit in Wallasey. You keep the temperature in your home quite low during the day when no one is home and turn it up when you get home. With the Worcester Wave, you can use your smart phone app to increase the temperature before you get home. You leave for the weekend and remember you forgot to turn the temperature down so using the phone app you turn it down from your car. If a child needs to go home from school early and you cannot be there, you can turn the heat up so the house is warm for them. It is one more tool in your belt to use in your endeavor to keep your heating bills as low as possible without giving up your comfort. Cureton Gas is a certified installer for Worcester Bosch products. Their Green Deal Approved company enjoys a five star rating on Wirral Trader Scheme. Make them your partner in low cost efficient heating.