Boiler Swap in Birkenhead

Are you looking for a gas boiler company that offers a boiler swap in Birkenhead? Boilers are known to account for around 55% of what homeowners spend on energy bills per year. So, investing in an efficient boiler is a big deal. Replacing your old boiler without controls with a top rated high quality condensing boiler with a complete set of controls will cut down the carbon dioxide emission of your home significantly, and even save you up to $700 per year. Replacing your old boiler with a new one will make a lot of difference, especially during the cold winter months when you need to be sure that hot water will run when you turn on the tap.

In Birkenhead, a boiler swap is a service offered by Cureton Gas Services. This company guarantees its customers a quick, reliable, and flexible service. This company’s emphasis is on providing care, safety, and most importantly, professionalism with every project it undertakes – thus giving you (the customer) ultimate satisfaction, peace of mind, and great value for money when the project is completed. You will be happy to know that Cureton Gas services is proud to be a company that is “gas safe registered” and has highly qualified gas engineers on its staff. This company thrives on achieving quality standards while it adheres to gas safety guidelines strictly. The best part is that Cureton offers free quotations, which will give you the opportunity to make budgetary plans accordingly.

Cureton Gas Services does not only provide boiler swap in Birkenhead, this company also offers a wide variety of specialist services to its customers such as extensive gas boiler servicing; supply, installation and maintenance of gas boiler systems and central heating system repairs. When it comes to efficient, top quality home heating system installation, repairs, and maintenance, you can count on the services offered by Cureton Gas Services. This company’s credibility is vital to it, which is why it is a proud member of the Trading Standards Fair Trade Scheme. Cureton is indeed the “one stop shop” for all your boiler replacement and installation requirements, delivering superior customer satisfaction in a professional and personal manner.