Opt for Reliable Boiler Replacement in Spital

Boiler Replacement in SpitalIf your boiler is old and worn, it may be a good idea to opt for efficient boiler replacement in Spital. Old boilers often result in inflated energy bills as their energy consumption is no longer as efficient as it used to be. Thanks to modern boiler manufacturing technology, new boiler models are built to be durable, safe and energy-efficient at the same time. When we noticed that our boiler was no longer working well, we decided to replace it with a new model. Boilers help heat our homes and come into heavy use during harsh and cold winters when they are forced into life after long periods of inaction. According to information from the Energy Saving Trust, UK, usage of boilers contributes more than 60% of household energy bills! Installing an energy-efficient boiler will help cut down your energy bills by a significant amount.

In Spital, boiler replacement services are offered by reputed agencies such as Cureton Gas Services. With two decades of experience, Cureton Gas is happy to guarantee their clients in Spital both quality and reliability. Remember that it’s important for a company to follow up boiler installation with regular maintenance services too. Modern boilers also come with what is called a TRV or a Thermostatic Radiator Valve. TRVs provide improved heat control in individual rooms. For example, you can reduce the heat level in rooms that are not used often in the house (like guest rooms). TRVs also minimise unnecessary heating as it shuts off the radiator when the air around it reaches the preset temperature.

There is another reason why boiler replacement in Spital may be a good idea. Boilers built with modern and innovative technology tend to be far quieter compared to older, noisier versions! A noisy boiler can ruin a good night’s sleep especially if the boiler is installed close to your bedroom wall. Overall, replacing your old boiler with a new one cuts down energy costs significantly and offers improved heating control.  Please contact Cureton Gas Services to find out more.