Opt for a Boiler Swap in Wallasey

By opting for a boiler swap in Wallasey, you are a making a wise decision. If it’s time to retire your old boiler, then you will be thrilled to know that Cureton Gas Services, will be happy to take the old boiler off your hands and replace it with a much more efficient and energy-saving Greenstar Worcester Junior 24i. Rated as Best Buy and one of the best performing boilers in 2014, your satisfaction is guaranteed with this stellar boiler.

Depending on the size of your home and family, Cureton Gas can provide you with a Wallasey boiler swap of your requirements. The company has already swapped a number of boilers for customers who were looking to buy better performing boilers and they have not regretted it. Recently,a customer was looking for a boiler. His old one had broken down after having served the family for years. Since it was nearing the chilly winter months, the family needed a boiler immediately. He was asking around when a former customer suggested that he check with the company. Thankfully, Cureton Gas Services was around and they were able to provide them with a Junior 24i, a boiler perfect for a medium-sized house. The boiler also comes with a 5 year guarantee and is quite compact in size. The customer was impressed with the company’s efficiency at installing the boiler within such a short notice.

With over 20 years in the field, Cureton Gas Services is providing boiler swap in Wallasey. In fact, they are celebrating their 21st year of service in the Wirral this year and this might be a good chance to enjoy any facilities they are providing their customers. The company is the epitome of the perfect trader having won the Wirral Trader of the Year in 2012, they are Green Deal Approved members and they are accredited Platinum installers for Worcester Bosch Group. In brief, they are the company that will not disappoint. To enquire how they can assist you with a boiler swap, call them on 0151 630 2000. They will be pleased to assist you.