Combi Boiler Installation in Ellesmere Port

Finding the right company for a combi boiler installation in Ellesmere Port can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. A combi boiler is a must-have for modern homes.  It is a high-efficiency water heater as well as a central heating boiler, combined into one unit.  It is economical, space saving and with the colder winter months, a much needed part of your home.  When your boiler needs replacing, it is necessary to have a new one installed as quickly and economically as possible.  Which company will take care of the installation of a new combi boiler at a reasonable cost?

In Ellesmere Port, a combi boiler installation at a good price and with efficient service can be provided by Cureton Gas Services.  Contact them to enquire about their range and services.  They will send a skilled technician to assess your building and determine what sort of combi boiler you will require, whether the old piping needs to be repaired or replaced and what the estimated cost of the installation of a new combi boiler will be.  This is done free of charge.  Once you have agreed on the quote, arrangements can be made to install the new combi boiler at a time that best suits you.

One of the reasons you should consider Cureton Gas Services for the combi boiler installation in Ellesmere Port is that they have at least 17 years of experience. Cureton Gas Services is one of the noted companies around and their services extend to boiler installation and repairs, and many other gas-related services. They have won several awards including Wirral Trader of the Year Award in 2012. They are Gas Safe registered, Green Deal Approved and most importantly, they are approved by the Wirral Trading Standards. If you have any more questions regarding their services, or you need to find out more about a combi boiler installation in Ellesmere