Where To Find Boiler Replacement In Eastham?

Boiler Replacement In EasthamIf you have a boiler that is worn, old and requires frequent repairs, then perhaps it is time to consider a boiler replacement in Eastham. Old and worn boilers are infamous for inflating energy bills not to mention being a health hazard. Over time, their efficiency wears out and they tend to experience frequent breakdowns. The last thing you want is for your boiler to break down in the middle of a freezing spell. Boilers are also responsible for consuming a huge chunk of your heating bill. According to the Energy Saving Trust in UK, 60% of a household’s energy bill is taken up by a boiler. If you are interested in reducing that energy bill and protecting your family from a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter, then you should seriously consider a boiler replacement.

In Eastham, a reputable boiler replacement service provider is Cureton Gas. Since 1994, this family-run company has been providing a wide range of boiler services to customers in the Wirral and surrounding regions. They have a reputation for providing stellar customer service. Cureton Gas is a customer’s “one stop shop” for all boiler and central heating needs from installation, repair, to maintenance and replacement. They are a member of the Gas Safe Regiser and Wirral Trading Standards Fair Trade Scheme which further adds to their reliability and credibility. According to these experts, replacing an old and malfunctioning boiler can save you up to 30% on your yearly heating expenses. That is money you can put away into your savings! You can also save by avoiding expensive repair costs which are only a band aid solution to the real problem, an old boiler! In addition, a new boiler can give you the peace of mind necessary on cold winter days. New boilers are also better for the environment.

If you are considering a boiler replacement in Eastham, then give Cureton Gas a call today. Apart from boiler replacement, they also specialise in general heating installation, power flushing, repairing boiler breakdowns and service maintenance plans.