Condenser Boiler Installation in Birkenhead

Condenser Boiler Installation in BirkenheadCureton Gas will help you save energy with a condenser boiler installation in Birkenhead. Cureton Gas has been serving the area for over twenty years with excellent customer service and the best quality products. The family owned business provides condenser boiler installations to meet the needs of their customers. They offer a full service so you can count on them for maintenance and repairs as well.

In Birkenhead, a condenser boiler installation is expertly done by Cureton Gas Services. They have a fine reputation in the area. Condensing boilers use heat from exhaust gases that would normally be released into the atmosphere through the flue. To use this latent heat, the water vapour from the exhaust gas is turned into liquid condensate. In order to make the most of the latent heat in the condensate, condensing boilers use a larger heat exchanger, or sometimes a secondary heat exchanger. A condensing boiler is able to extract more heat from the fuel it uses than a standard efficiency boiler. It also means that less heat is lost through the flue gases.

A condenser boiler installation in Birkenhead requires that you use a company that has a solid reputation and possesses a team of skilled staff.  Boilers are particularly useful during the colder months as they provide your home with heating and hot water. All gas-fired boilers fitted after the 1st April 2005 have to be condensing boilers. They also use less fuel and power which makes them the greener alternative, plus their CO2 emissions are much lower than their non-condensing counterparts. Cureton Gas is a certified installer for Worcester Bosch products. Their Green Deal Approved company enjoys a five star rating on Wirral Trader Scheme. They are a gas safe registered firm of gas engineers, achieving quality standards while obeying strict gas safety guidelines, for your peace of mind.  If you are looking for a company for a professional condenser boiler installation, contact Cureton Gas Services.