Condensing Boiler Replacement in Heswall

Condensing Boiler Replacement in HeswallYou know it is time for a condensing boiler replacement in Heswall when the repair technician calls you by your first name, and you know his kids names and ages. It is time to sever the bonds and call Cureton Gas to install a new condensing boiler. You want to choose Cureton for the installation because their reputation for quality products and expert installation is the best around. They have been in business for 17 years and only have “Gas Safe” registered engineers working in your home.  They work fast too and guarantee all their installations. Cureton Gas is a member of the Wirral Trading Standards Fair Trade Scheme and winner of the 2012 Trader of the Year Award. You can be confident of fair pricing from a full-service shop.

In Heswall, condensing boiler replacement is the most energy efficient solution to heating needs. The hot water heating system recovers the energy discharged as waste.  Anytime you are saving energy you are saving money.  Comfort levels differ among individuals but everyone expects even heat, comfortable humidity percentage, and continuous hot water. Your heating system should be trouble free but Cureton Gas will give you some simple maintenance tips you can perform yourself that will make your new boiler last longer. They will also send a technician out every year for a safety and maintenance check.

A condensing boiler replacement in Heswall gets more heat from gas or oil fuel than older designs so you lose less heat up the chimney. Environmental standards have required condensing type boilers be used when replacing old ones. They are up to 30% more energy efficient since less heat is lost. Condensing boilers emit far lower levels of CO2 and that benefits all of us. Cureton Gas has a platinum accredation from Worcester Bosch, offering the finest products available. They also are Green Deal Approved. Give yourself and your family the benefits associated with a top quality condensing boiler, safety installed by the most respected company in the area. Cureton Gas offers free estimates and service calls. Contact Cureton Gas for more information regarding a condensing boiler replacement.