Boiler Conversion in Greasby

boiler conversion in GreasbyDo you require some information about boiler conversion in Greasby? Are you thinking of converting your old traditional boiler into a combi boiler? Perhaps you have an immersion heater and would really like some more space in your bathroom and fresh hot water in your bath and kitchen. Some people may live in flats or buildings where the entire building has to convert from heavy fuel oils to more ecologically friendly fuels. Boiler upgrades are also required when your old boiler is not functioning effectively enough and you’re spending a whopping amount on fuel bills. Conversions when done appropriately and effectively can reduce your heating bills by up to 30% annually, which is a big savings in these difficult times. However, today’s environmental regulations are also a major factor in the kind of conversion that is allowed or mandated in your area.

In Greasby, boiler conversion is offered by several private service providers. Ensure that you select a well-established and reputed local firm that can help you with advice, products, installation and maintenance. Conventional boilers are the regular heat-only boilers and can convey hot water to your radiators and the hot water cylinders. They’re great for supplying hot water without weakening the flow, and you have the option of separate hot and cold water tanks. Electrical immersion heaters can provide a back up and these boilers are ideal for large homes with more than one bathroom. However, they take up loft space and limit the amount of hot water you can have in one heating cycle. Combination boilers only heat the water that you use. They give unlimited hot water, and are quicker and more economical. Installation is also very simple.

Boiler conversion in Greasby is best done by professional firms like Cureton Gas who have more than a decade of business experience in installation and maintenance of domestic boiler systems. They specialize in all aspects of gas, heating and boiler repairs, servicing and maintenance. They’re also a one-stop shop for spares and installation needs and are members of reputed trades bodies and associations. They offer bespoke solutions to all your boiler conversion needs as well. Contact Cureton Gas for more information about boiler conversion.