Condensing Boiler Installation in Hoylake

condensing boiler installation in HoylakeA condensing boiler installation in Hoylake has become sought after since building regulations changed in 2005. Since that date, all boilers installed are condensing, because they are eco-friendly and far more efficient at heating a home. Condensing boilers use heat from exhaust gases and are able to extract more heat from the fuel they use. The official rating for boiler efficiency is known as the SEDBUK scale, and a condensing boiler achieves the highest efficiency. A boiler isn’t something you want to play around with. You have to have an experienced, reputable gas boiler installation company installing your boiler if you don’t want any trouble. Cureton Gas Services are qualified to do the job and get it done safely and efficiently first time around.

Make sure that only a gas safe registered firm installs your condensing boiler. In Hoylake, condensing boiler installation requires experience and knowledge. Cureton Gas Services should be the name in your mobile phone contact list if you want to know your boiler is 100% safe. With their 17 years of experience, they service customers in Wirral, Ellesmere, Chester, Port, Wrexham and North Wales. All their customers rely on them for their expertise and their safe installation services.

When it comes to condensing boiler installation in Hoylake, the only way you’ll sleep peacefully at night is knowing you’ve gone with the best and safest. Why not contact Cureton Gas Services to find out more about their condensing boiler installation services? They are Gas Safe registered, they offer free quotations, they don’t ask for a call out charge when they assess your heating needs for your home, they offer Worcester Bosch accredited gas services and they offer their value for money service cover plan. With so much on offer, you’d be unwise to look anywhere else.