Boiler Finance in Wirral

Boiler Finance in WirralYou might want to look at different options for boiler finance in Wirral if your boiler’s nearing the end of its natural life, or you want to replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient model. This can be a large and expensive investment, but there’s no need to put it off, because modern appliances can save you a tidy sum in energy bills. You can also stop worrying about safety, frequent breakdowns and hefty repair bills this winter. Boiler finance is a great idea even if you happen to have the bank balance to carry a full purchase up front. Why lock up your savings and pay out a large sum at one go? This is a large capital outlay and every penny saved can be used better elsewhere. Reputed and reliable companies like Cureton Gas offer a range of attractive boiler finance plans to suit your needs and budget.

Talk to your boiler dealer about boiler scrappage schemes and whether they can provide scrappage discounts on your old boiler. In Wirral, boiler finance companies may offer a variety of deals and finance plans like staggered payments, buy-now-pay-later, pay-on-completion, 3, 5 or 10 year finance plans. Such schemes help you manage your monthly outgoings better and give you a higher monthly disposable income. However, ensure that you read the fine print very carefully before signing a finance plan contract. Some plans offer variable or sliding rates over a longer period, others may require you to make a large down payment and spread the rest over a few months. Remember to take the interest rates into account when you’re calculating the real cost of your new boiler.

Make sure you provide completely honest details about your credit rating when you apply for boiler finance in Wirral. If your rating is less-than-desirable, you can take finance in the name of another family member. Contact Cureton Gas for a free quote about boiler finance. Our Gas Safe, trained, experienced and licensed installation staff will make sure that your new boiler is installed correctly and safely. The new boiler will be suitable for your premises, requirement, life-style and number of people using it.