Worcester Boiler Finance in Birkenhead

If you are looking for Worcester boiler finance in Birkenhead, speak to Cureton Gas. Maybe you don’t know about our financing plan. When your boiler quits working and needs replacement, you may find financing useful. Sometimes all it takes is one setback, like a new boiler, to push an already tight budget off track. Once you get behind in other bills, it takes forever to catch up again. So take advantage of our special financing rates and terms so your home will be comfortable and your budget will as well. Spread the payments out over time and get the boiler you need now without sacrificing your family’s other needs.

It is possible that a new boiler will save you money. In Birkenhead, Worcester boiler finance means you are making a monthly payment each month.  However, the boiler may save you up to 30% in energy costs over your old inefficient boiler. Also, you will no longer be paying out money for boiler repairs, so your new boiler will save you money there. You could say that, over time, a new boiler finance pays for itself. So why wait? Stop paying for repairs and high energy costs and use that money for a new boiler. Besides, a new boiler will give you the heat and hot water you want and you can cross a worry off your list.

If you want to look into Worcester boiler finance in Birkenhead, contact Cureton Gas. We will come out to your home and estimate the cost of replacing your old boiler. At the same time, we can discuss our financing scheme so you will know how it works for you. You are under no obligation to buy from Cureton Gas and the estimate is free. You have everything to gain by taking a look at our quality boilers. The estimate will include installation by certified Gas Safe technicians. Our team are some of the best in the business and they’re easy enough to have around for a day or two while installing your new boiler.