Combi Boilers in Prenton

Combi Boilers in PrentonCureton Gas installs and services combi boilers in Prenton that save our customers’ space and energy costs while supplying all their heat and hot water needs. These units will free up a lot of space in your home because it is a combination of high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler wrapped up in one compact unit. You can get rid of your old bulky boiler and your separate hot water heater and replace them with one small energy efficient unit. You will enjoy even heating and hot water at the ready with improved water pressure. More often than not our customers ask for combi boilers when it is time to replace the old inefficient one. We can install combi boilers much quicker because they are compact and there is less pipe work.

At Cureton Gas we supply and install top quality brand Worcester Gas Boilers to our customers and we do it with confidence because this well-known brand comes with a factory warranty. For homeowners in Prenton, combi boilers offer value in so many ways that outweigh the initial cost. When our techs explain how these combi boilers can save on energy bills while providing a more uniform heat and instant hot water you will feel better about a necessary boiler replacement. In addition, if there is no room in the budget to lay out cash for a new boiler, we can offer easy and affordable financing. Our installers are all professional and experienced Gas Safe certified employees. Cureton Gas has an excellent reputation and is well respected for quality and customer service.

Homeowners, there is no reason to wait for combi boilers in Prenton. We have the quality boilers at reasonable cost including professional installation and financing if needed. Contact Cureton Gas for a free quote for a combi boiler for your home. Let us demonstrate for you how a Worcester combi boiler can save you space, energy and money when you replace your old boiler. At Cureton Gas we put customers service above all else. When swapping out boilers we make every effort to cause as little disruption to your household routine as possible. Depend on us to leave our work area clean and clear of debris.