Condensing Boiler Installation in Heswall

Condensing Boiler Installation in Heswall Condensing boiler installation in Heswall is different to a standard boiler for heating water or providing central heating. The condensing boiler heats water with fuels like gas or oil. They are particularly efficient typically greater than 90 % on the higher heating value. The water vapour in the exhaust gases and condensed and thereby recovering the latent heat of vaporisation which is otherwise wasted. Some countries have made condensing boilers mandatory and some encourage the use of these boilers through financial means. We know that by having a new boiler installed you will save money because the older boilers start to become inefficient after 10 or 25 years and start to cost a lot of money.

When you need a new boiler in your home you want one that is efficient and economical. In Heswall, condensing boiler installations are our forte. We supply Worcester Bosch boilers as we find the quality of the product unbeatable and in fact The Queen has awarded the Royal Warrant to the Worcester Company for supplying hot water products to the Royal Family.  If it works for them surely it will impress you. They have won a number of awards for being the best gas fired boiler brand in comparison with 12 other boiler brands. We also offer free quotations and no call-out charges.

A condensing boiler installation in Heswall is a sensible and responsible measure to take when you require a new unit. Contact Cureton Gas today and arrange for one of our fully qualified and certified gas engineers to install and efficient and economical condensing boiler in your home. It can be used for heating the water systems and also for central heating applications. For over 22 years we have made it our priority to ensure that all the customers in our area are expertly serviced in all aspects of their gas appliances. We are Gas Safe registered so that you can be certain that our installation is of the highest quality.