Condensing Boilers in Ellesmere Port

condensing boilers in Ellesmere PortCureton Gas can tell you everything you want to know about condensing boilers in Ellesmere Port. You can trust us to give you the true story about these boilers because since 1994 when our family started Cureton Gas, trust and integrity have made us a leader in the Wirral. We are experts in heating. We promote the products we know will serve our customers well. One of those products is condensing boilers. We can show you how to lower your heating bills by up to 30% and enjoy a nice even heat throughout your home. If you choose a combi boiler, you will have instant on demand hot water as well. If your boiler is older than ten years, it is not as efficient as a condensing boiler.

If your boiler is 20 years old, you can feel good you got the last mile out of it and even better you can now justify replacing it. In Ellesmere Port, condensing boilers will save so much energy over your old boiler it may, over the next 20 years, pay for itself. Your heat and hot water bills will be less and you will enjoy all that warm even heat. Getting rid of all that dirty duct work may even improve the air quality in your home. Condensing boilers take up far less space in your home than your old boiler and water heater does. If your boiler is in your basement, then replacing it with a condensing boiler will free up some space. Think pool table or ping pong tournaments.

When the time comes for a new boiler, make it condensing boilers in Ellesmere Port. Contact Cureton Gas and we will advise you on the size and type that will be the most efficient for your home. Our technicians are all Gas Safe registered with years of experience. They maintain the standards we set from the beginning for honest customer service. Our products and labour are guaranteed and we service what we sell. Ours is a full service company with installations, servicing and repairs. Don’t wait, as some do, to make these smart improvements to your home when you are ready to sell. Do it for yourself.