Central Heating Installation in Birkenhead

Central Heating Installation in BirkenheadInstead of worrying about the cost of central heating installation in Birkenhead, think of all the money you’ll save when you call Cureton Gas. The new central heating system we install in your home will lower your heating bills by as much as 30%. New systems are so much more energy efficient.  We are Worcester Bosch accredited, Gas Safe registered and have over 22 years of service in the area. We have an excellent reputation for quality work and products and customer service. We are grateful to our customers for the trust they show by referring family and friends to us. When your central heating is installed by our professional techs, you will receive value for money.

Sometimes customers ask us how they can know for sure they need a new central heating system. If, for your home in Birkenhead, central heating installation was twenty years ago then likely you need a new heating system. Even a ten-year-old heating system will not be as energy efficient as a new high efficiency one. Other clues are frequent repairs that do not provide at least a year of ongoing service. You might check your heating bills over the last two years and see if your energy use has increased. Cold spots in the house is another clue. We give you a free quote for the installation of central heating based on the right size boiler to efficiently heat your home.

A new central heating installation in Birkenhead is an investment in your home that will provide excellent returns. You will use less energy, have a more evenly heated home and no more throwing good money after bad on repairs. The boilers are  compact  and space saving so you may get to take back living or storage space. When you need new central heating installed in an emergency that can create havoc with your family budget. Contact Cureton Gas because we have you covered emergency or not. We have one of the most affordable finance plans you’ll find anywhere. No money down and no interest for 24 months. If you need lower payments, we can extend the financing longer at a reasonable rate. We don’t ask for money down either so you can hire us to take on your central heating project with no up front costs.