Central Heating Installation in Prenton

Central Heating Installation in PrentonAt Cureton Gas we see older buildings in our area that have central heating installation in Prenton on the first floor only. Perhaps the thinking at that time was to save money. They would run ducts from the furnace to main living areas but second floor bedrooms did not need the additional ductwork. Sufficient blankets and the natural rising of warm air from the lower level was enough to take the cold edge off. Two to a bed and maybe a dog added extra warmth. It was enough because the upper rooms were for sleeping only. Thankfully, people don’t live like that anymore. Upper level rooms are bedrooms, bathrooms, sitting areas, offices, toy rooms and private retreats. Warmth and comfort is essential for all rooms in a house.

If you love your older home but there are no heating ducts in upstairs rooms, our team of technicians at Cureton Gas has the solution. Chances are, your heating system is old and inefficient so in Prenton, central heating installation would begin with a new energy saving gas boiler. Likely a higher capacity unit is needed so we can add additional ductwork running from those ventless rooms. We then check existing ductwork and repair leaks or breaks but if the ducts are badly damaged we’ll run new to the lower level. Once the installation is complete, we adjust the newly installed dampers for even heating throughout the house. At the same time we can easily add a central air-conditioning system for hot weather comfort.

The cost of bringing your property up to date with central heating installation in Prenton is offset by lower energy bills, increased property values and above all, the comfort of your family. Contact Cureton Gas for a free estimate. There is no obligation but if you plan to have the work done ours is the most highly regarded heating and air conditioning company on the Wirral and beyond. We have 22 years in the business with numerous accreditations. Our work and customer service is 100% guaranteed. We service what we sell which is Bosch fine products and parts. Trust us for heating system repairs, replacements and installation in new builds. Financing is available.