Boiler Swap in Wallasey

Boiler Swap in WallaseyIf you want to save money, consider a boiler swap in Wallasey from Cureton Gas. The coming warmer weather is a good time to get rid of that old inefficient boiler. We have high efficiency boilers that give you even heating throughout your home while saving you money on energy. The government gives you a credit for changing out an inefficient appliance for an energy saving one. If you’re looking for extra storage space, you’ll find it once your old boiler is hauled out. The new boiler takes up less space.  Making the switch while the weather is warm means you won’t have to deal with an old boiler breaking down when cold weather arrives and searching for an emergency replacement. When the weather turns cold, the new boiler will meet the need for warmth economically and trouble-free.

At Cureton Gas, safety is a top priority along with customer service. In Wallasey, boiler swap, repairs and maintenance service has been our business for over twenty-two years and during that time we have built a trusted reputation for safety. We are all Gas Safe registered and a Worcester Bosch accredited dealer. Safety, professionalism and fair pricing is our practice throughout Wirral. When we do a boiler swap, we leave behind a new dependable boiler and a clean work site. The old boiler and all debris is loaded up and disposed of. There’s nothing for our customers to do but enjoy even heat and plenty of hot water.

If your boiler is over ten years old, it’s costing you money that a boiler swap in Wallasey will remedy. Annual servicing will extend the life of your boiler as will occasional repairs but the day comes when it’s just not cost effective anymore. Take a look at your energy bill and add up your repair bills over the last three years. Contact Cureton Gas and we’ll give you a price on a boiler swap and help you estimate what your energy savings costs will be. We don’t charge for the service. You can do the math and see for yourself if now is the time for us to install a new Bosch boiler in your home. We’ve got a monthly payment plan that is interest free and adjusted to fit your budget. Don’t put it off.