Boiler Installation in Chester

With a boiler installation in Chester by Cureton Gas, you could save on your heating bills. One of the most important factors when installing a boiler is making sure that it is energy efficient and has the appropriate ‘A’ ratings. With a large variety of boilers on the market, it can be hard to find one that is suitable and affordable for the house, one that will not break quite easily, and even if they do, are covered by warranties and insurance. To make sure that you are installing the right boiler at home, please don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly staff members at Cureton Gas.

We have up to 10 years of warranty on all of our boiler installations, which means, you have peace of mind knowing we are here to assist you should the boiler start malfunctioning. In Chester, boiler installation is something every homeowner will have to worry about at some point in their life. Most houses, if not all, have to be equipped with a boiler for hot water during the cold winters. Without a boiler, life would be quite hard, not to mention cold too. We specialise in different aspects of boilers, including but not limited to installation, repair, maintenance and service. Yes, it’s important to carry out servicing on your boiler every year, as this will prevent it  from breaking down. Furthermore, our technicians will catch any faulty parts during a service and if required, will change it. Your boiler will run at optimum performance when you carry out regular maintenance and services. And you can count on our technicians to stick to their servicing scheduling if you have ticked this option at the time of your boiler purchase.

For a new boiler installation in Chester, why don’t you consider the specialists at Cureton Gas? We have a team of qualified and Gas Safe registered engineers. And we also have a finance scheme that customers can enjoy if they don’t have the budget for a boiler at the time of the purchase. For more details about our affordable boiler installation, contact Cureton Gas. We are one of the leading heating specialists in the area because we care for our customers, and our priority is their satisfaction.