Combi Boilers in Bromborough

We are proud to be able to offer combi boilers in Bromborough for properties that require a compact boiler system. The combi boiler is manufactured without a hot water cylinder that usually takes up a lot of space. This ingenious space-saving system is becoming increasingly popular in homes across the UK. Well over half the new domestic boiler installations are made up of these innovative systems.  The combi or combination boiler is a highly efficient water heater and central heating unit. It heats the water directly from the mains when you turn on a hot tap. They are extremely cost-effective and energy-efficient as they heat the water instantly on-demand rather than storing it in a cylinder. An added benefit is that it delivers hot water at mains pressure without the need for a separate pump.

If you have the need for a new boiler in Bromborough, combi boilers are the choice to make where you have very little loft space for a water cylinder. There is no risk of a pipe freezing and there is less pipework in the home which usually makes installation cheaper. This is only one of the many different boiler systems we offer and our team can visit your home and assess which boiler system is perfect for your home.

Having a combi boiler in Bromborough is sometimes a necessity. This useful boiler takes up very little space for the more compact home. Contact Cureton Gas today and arrange to have a new boiler fitted.  Once your old boiler reaches 10 + years it is inefficient and could break down.  If you wait for it to stop working you will have no heating and hot water and that is awful at this time of the year. We can help you if you have a breakdown by replacing your old boiler with a new one and we will arrange the best possible financial deal for you.  We have one of the lowest rates of payment around.  We have a plan over 2 years at 0 % interest and no deposit. Anyone can afford a new boiler.