Keep Your Home Warm with Regular Gas Boiler Maintenance in Moreton

There is a troubling trend toward gas boiler maintenance in Moreton. We are doing everything possible to address the situation by educating our customers. It happens each year at the first cold snap of the season. Homeowners across the country are putting their finger on the thermostat hoping to be among the lucky ones. It is they whose boilers kick on right away spreading glorious heat throughout their home. With that, they’re done until the same time next year when they will once again bet on their own dumb luck and skip boiler maintenance. Of course, for some, the glory is short lived. At some point during the winter, when they least expect it, they wake up in a cold house. That’s the trouble with dumb luck; it’s just not reliable.

You are still trying to recoup from holiday spending and now you are looking at a boiler repair. For residents in Moreton, gas boiler maintenance was available all year from Cureton Gas. For a nominal fee, one of our Gas Safe registered engineers would have come to your home. Your boiler would have been checked, cleaned and tested to make sure it was ready to perform for another season. But no, you chose life on the edge. Now your whole tribe is wrapped in their war blankets and looking at you. Well, you are still in luck because we will save you. If you play it right, you’ll come out looking like a hero. We respond quickly to emergency calls regarding no heat.

Still, you may not be the only one that succumbed to the challenge of gas boiler maintenance in Moreton. A quick response for repair now may not be as quick as our response to a maintenance request in the Fall. There are others waiting and shivering too. Still, contact us at Cureton Gas. Once the repair is made and your family is warm again, they will think it was a brilliant move by you to call us. They may even express their admiration for you. Next year, call us in autumn and let us check the boiler and undertake any needed maintenance. You can rely on the boiler to perk along at high efficiency all through the winter without a breakdown.